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Just the Facts

Just the Facts


  • 30+ years in Information Technology
  • 15+ years experience as a Software Engineer
  • 5+ years experience as a team manager

Subject Matter:

  • Recurring theme in process automation and improvement
  • Software Developer experienced with multiple languages
  • All aspects of Software Development Life Cycle

Additional experience in:

  • Database Administration
  • Software Configuration Management
  • System Administration
  • Software Architecture

Doer of Stuff and Fixer of Broken Things…

Professional Summary

Just a few details...

Software Developer

While my job history may seem somewhat scattered and diverse, make no mistake, I am a coder by nature. The diverse jobs I have worked are not a reflection of having "lived many lives" but rather having taken the time to "walk a mile in their shoes." I have diversified my experience to better understand my task.

As for specific languages, tools and skills, the list is long enough to lose relevance. Each has its own point of distinction and marvel, all have something unique to learn from. While the programming languages, frameworks, platforms, and management methodologies may change, the goal is still the same; add value to the company and what it does. People will ultimately do their work, with or without me, so my best contribution is to see they are able to do their work better, because of me. Thus, in many ways, I personally do nothing at all for the company. Instead, I do things, so other people can do their things better.

Software Architecture, IT and Test Lab Management

Software Architecture, IT and Test Lab Management

Relational database design using Oracle CASE (Entity Relationship, Dataflow and Function Hierarchy Diagrams) and UML. Object Oriented Requirements Analysis and Design using UML with various tools such as Visio, ArgoUML, Erwin and Enterprise Architect.

Management of small IT teams including internal IT (corporate systems such as email, backup, development systems, etc.) and Development Test Lab (custom deployments of various enterprise software and development support systems), both for mid- sized software development companies, so the focus was primarily on supporting development efforts.

Other Roles

System Integrator. System deployment through the use of automation and continuous Integration efforts both physical and virtual environments with IA lock down.

Database Administration. Served as the Oracle Database Administrator (and backup to the Sybase DBA) for a small software development company. Focus was on supporting development, testing and integration efforts involving continuous tear down and rebuilding of systems.

System Administration. Primarily Unix based systems touching on common corporate systems such as email, networks, etc. but usually in support of the development efforts and test lab management.

Software Configuration Management. Using a variety of source code repositories, automated build and deployment products and various scripting languages to drive product build and deployment processes.

Work History
Other Roles

Just me...

Currently, my children are of an age when dad is still cool. They still ask questions I can answer and I can still get to the places they want to go. So I am gleefully exploiting that fact to lead them in Scouts, coach them in Little League, teach them at home and any other excuse I can get away with to spend time with them. When not working, I spend my time trying to convince them of the inherent genius of 80's Big Hair Rock.

People will ultimately do their work, with or without me; so my best contribution is to ensure they can do their work better, because of me.  I invite prospective employers to learn more about me, how I think and what I do in my copious free time and in so doing, discover what I can do for you...

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