eMode Comprehensive IQ Report

Your IQ score is: 131

You scored 131 on Emode’s IQ test. This means that based on your answers, your IQ score is between 121 and 131. Most people’s IQs are between 70 and 130.

In fact, 95% of all people have IQs within that range. 68% of people score between 80 and 120. The following chart to your right, shows these percentages and where your IQ score is on that scale.

There’s more to intelligence than a single number, a single score or a single label. Emode uses four distinguishable Intelligence Scales in the Ultimate IQ Test. By analyzing your individual scores on those four scales, we are able to look beyond the raw IQ score into how your process information and thereby determine your Intellectual Type.

Your Intellectual Type Is:

Your mind’s strengths allow you to think ahead of the game — to imagine or anticipate what should come next in just about any situation. Because you’re equally skilled in the numerical and verbal universes of the brain, you can draw from multiple sources of information to come up with great ideas. The timelessness of your vision and the balance between your various skills are what make you a Visionary Philosopher.

In addition to your strengths in math and linguistics, you have a knack for matching and anticipating patterns. These skills and your uncanny ability to detect the underlying blueprint of most of life’s situations add to your Visionary Philosopher mind.

Two philosophers who share the same combination of skills you possess are Plato and Benedict Spinoza. Spinoza had insight into how things worked in the world. He could envision a future based on the patterns he saw in life, and used mathematical logic as a structure within which to present his philosophical arguments. With that base he was able to use logic to formulate his theories. Borrowing from his linguistic strengths he wrote eloquent texts and, therefore, was able to bring his philosophical ideas and structure to the rest of the world. His story exemplifies the talents that are present in the Visionary Philosopher intellectual type.

Whatever you decide to do in life, you’ve got a powerful mix of skills and insight that can be applied in a wide variety of ways. You can expand your mind to understand a situation. Your strong balance of math and verbal skills will help you explain things to others. For example, if you were on an archaeological dig and discovered an object, you could probably use your deductive powers to figure out not only what the object was but also how it was used. Given your ability to put things together, you are more than capable of inventing a life plan that is in sync with your perspective on how things were, how they are, and how they might be one day.

Great Jobs For You

Because of the way you process information, these are just some of the many careers in which you would excel:

  • Archaeologist
  • Detective
  • Psychologist
  • Sculptor
  • Architect
  • City planner
  • Chief executive

Some of Your Greatest Talents

You’ve got tons of strengths. It wouldn’t surprise us if you:

  • Think of the “big picture”
  • Can anticipate and predict patterns
  • Are good at context clues
  • Can see similarities in seemingly disparate things
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