Learn More About Robert Kuropkat…

Your time is valuable. So is the time and efforts of your team. Before deciding to find a hole in your schedule and disrupt everyone else you would need for an interview, I invite you to learn as much about me as you can. Ideally, you would find in these pages everything you need to decide if there is a place on your team for me and exactly how I can help you. Our interview then becomes more a confirmation of our assessment of each other, rather than a battle of wits to determine what the other is hiding. While it might seem long reading, consider how much time you might spend researching a new car stereo. Deciding to add a new member to your team certainly deserves more research than that.

Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential. This is a career assessment tool focused on determining what actually motivates you. This is different from a skills test in that it gives little consideration to what you currently do. It is also not a personality test. Instead it seeks to determine what actually motivates you and how that motivation is triggered. It then attempts to match careers based on how much they will feed and stimulate your own natural tendencies. More can be learned at Assessment.com. You can view my results here.

eMode Personality Test. Okay, this test is considerably less serious. I believe it was originally intended as a personality matching test for a dating site. But it called me a “Visionary Philosopher.” Who wouldn’t love that?

Cute anecdotes. I’ve added these to provide examples of how the above assessments are likely to impact your project and team. While it was too long ago for me to remember the conversations exactly, the first two stories actually happened, much as I have relayed them. The third is a fictional or generic example of how many of my trouble-shooting conversations with co-workers go.

Where else do I spend my time? My kids are young enough to still think I am cool. So much of what I do revolves around that. I am heavily involved in Scouting and we homeschool. I also teach Computer Programming at our homeschool co-op. Below are a few links to explore.