2.1.1 INTEREST IN JOB CONTENTS (Those tasks you want to perform)

CodeWorker Trait%Level
8Abstract, innovative, creative activities861
7Technical, scientific interests and skills642
6Concerned with people, communication of ideas572
2Direct business contact and interaction with others543
9Nonsocial procedures, operations or functions523
1Physical work with materials, tools, equipment493
4Management of social or organizational activities453
3Routine, organized, methodical procedures424
0Output drive: production, goals, efficiency384
5Work for personal gain, recognition, status334

2.1.2 TEMPERAMENT FOR THE JOB (How you prefer to perform tasks)

CodeWorker Trait%Level
1Change and variety: accept, utilize, cause change682
9Intuition, creativity: ideas, concepts, options672
0Evaluation: logical study, analysis662
6Independent, self-planned, self-performed activity563
XProvide service dedicated to interest of other543
8Handle responsibilities, choices, decisions533
3Work under management or supervision by others493
2Routine activity set by schedule or operations434
7Aggressively influence, persuade, get agreement434
4Plan, control, direct activities of others414
5Organizational involvement, teamwork, roles374
YWork with detail, data, records, inventory354

2.1.3 APTITUDE FOR THE JOB (Expression of performing tasks)

CodeWorker Trait%Level
SMental/Sensory awareness of “the big picture”761
CSee and sense colors, shades, patterns, textures741
GIntellectual and/or Analytical orientation692
KMental/Sensory coordination of physical action672
ESimultaneous skills in complex physical tasks662
PSensory/Mental awareness of “pieces of the picture”622
VLiterary and/or Communicative orientation592
FMental/Sensory skills in handling fine detail503
QSensory/Mental awareness of detail per se473
MManual dexterity in routine “workbench” activities473
NComputational or analytical use of numbers424

2.1.4 PEOPLE (How you relate to people, in priority order)

CodeWorker Trait%Level
2Instruct: teach, train, influence, demonstrate592
0Mentor: size up people, personalities, motives563
5Persuade: assertively influence, convince others543
4Entertain: to deliberately influence others533
1Negotiate: confront, communicate to achieve goal513
6Service communication: voluntarily inform others424
3Supervise: plan, manage work activity of others394
7Social service directly benefiting others225

2.1.5 THINGS (How you relate to things, in priority order)

Code Worker Trait%Level
3Drive/Operate: mobile and heavy equipment; controls622
2Operate/control: on-site machine operation612
4Manipulate: physically manage material processes582
0Engineering, technical planning, installation572
7Handling: basic, routine manual labor572
6Feeding/offbearing: manual labor timed by machines523
1Precision/quality: technical, mechanical standards483
5Tending: monitoring/adjusting gauges, switches, controls443

2.1.6 DATA (How you relate to data, in priority order)

CodeWorker Trait%Level
0Synthesize: holistic, conceptual, strategic thinking721
2Analyze: investigate, research, experiment622
3Compile: gather, classify, store information612
6Compare: recognize important factors for use602
5Copy: duplicate, transcribe, record, send523
4Compute: solve routine mathematical problems513
1Coordinate: plan, implement, manage procedures463

2.1.7 REASONING (How you relate to reasoning, in priority order)

CodeWorker Trait%Level
6Holistic concepts, meanings, options, strategies771
5Apply ideas and strategies to real problems/tasks642
4Solving on-going problems in familiar areas473
1Follow specific directions for basic, routine tasks434
2Methodical and thorough in routine procedures414
3Operational systems, procedures, maintenance374

2.1.8 MATHEMATICAL CAPACITY (How you relate to the applied usage of math)

CodeWorker Trait%Level
6Research: innovative, experimental use of math632
5Statistical, investigative mathematics592
4Analytical, accounting, auditing use of math592
3Computational: solving routine math problems453
1Counting/Posting: inventory, data processing314
2Elemental: add, subtract, multiply, divide304

2.1.9 LANGUAGE CAPACITY (How you relate to the usage of language)

CodeWorker Trait%Level
6Creative literary, communicative ability761
4Systematic, logical explanation and education662
2Record, transmit, post, file information414
1Read, understand, follow basic instructions334